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“Occasionally in life you meet people who are so talented and hard-working in their chosen careers, that it truly warrants written acknowledgment. Susan Lee is such a person. Susan has gained our upmost respect and gratitude as recent home buyers. In the time we worked with her we found her pointed suggestions and guidance to be extremely helpful. It was clear to us she drew from her experience to provide us with the guidance that helped us get into our 'dream house!'

“It is worth mentioning that our transaction was very unusual and complex as the seller had declared Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. A couple of times the deal almost 'fell through', but Susan fortunately was there to serve as the 'glue' that kept everything together. Her tact, professionalism, and commitment were essential in getting all parties to work together and 'cross the finish line' on the closing date. We are entirely convinced that we would not have been able to close on our house if Susan was not involved. Many times we said to each other that we were lucky Susan Lee was our Realtor.”

-- Ron and Tara R., September 2009
“I have been a transactional business attorney for almost 20 years, and I can honestly say I have never seen someone work harder than Susan worked to get our condo sold. Notwithstanding a volatile market and the fact that our building was not Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac compliant, Susan successfully marketed our property by getting it under agreement in 15 days and for our asking price. Grace under pressure does not even begin to describe Susan’s poise during this process. She held my hand through a grueling multiple offer situation and brilliantly negotiated with the two potential buyers. She was truly a force to be reckoned with.

“We are in this house that we love because of Susan Lee. We cannot recommend her enough.”

-- Amy M., August 2010

“We asked Susan Lee to perform a near miracle, and she pulled it off. During our first meeting with Susan it was so clear that she was listening to our concerns, thinking about what made our condo uniquely sellable in the middle of winter, and strategizing on how to make the impossible seem easy. All of this while being incredibly kind, genuine, and respectful of our time and space. Susan made it clear that selling our condo in a way and at a price we were comfortable with was her top priority. She was in constant contact with us, explained the process, and kept us calm and focused. It was a joy to work with Susan. We recommend her without hesitation.”

-- Ellen and Wildon F., June 2010 

“Susan listened to what we were interested in with great attention to detail, and showed us homes that included all the features we were looking for. She worked around our busy schedules in order to show us homes, weekends, weekdays, daytime or evening. She was our biggest advocate, especially during the negotiation process, where she stood firmly by us, and protected our interests. In addition, her professionalism was evident during all interactions with all parties involved.

“Susan was committed to helping us find our home, even when our job situation changed, which resulted in us having to look for homes in completely different areas. Furthermore, her knowledge of real estate was evident during the entire process. She made very thorough assessments regarding property, and provided advice that was sound and helpful throughout. She also provided additional information, including sale comps, which allowed us to adequately gauge the true market value of the homes we were considering. We are truly fortunate to have chosen Susan, our buyer agent, who embodies all the characteristics one would desire from a professional in the real estate field.”

-- Limaris B. and George G., June 2010

“We are writing to give our highest recommendation for Susan Lee, who was our real estate broker during our (successful!) search for a home to purchase in the Boston area, during Summer 2012- Summer 2013.

“We really enjoyed working with Susan. She always had a bright and positive demeanor and was able to quickly assess our needs and wishes to provide frank and accurate advice. She gave excellent advice as to what to look for in a home, both in the listing and in actual visits. She had an excellent understanding of the neighborhoods we were searching in. Finally, she made the complicated process of bidding and purchasing a home extremely clear.

“Furthermore, when we started searching in earnest in the beginning of 2013, the market started to change rapidly towards a seller’s market.  In this situation, Susan provided stellar knowledge and first-rate advice regarding strategies for searching and for writing viable bids that made good sense at the time and in retrospect.

“Susan very quickly picked up how we thought, and this combined with her own expert knowledge of the Boston-area market often meant she knew what we wanted before we knew ourselves – we were first-time buyers, so this was an especially helpful skill. In the case of the house that we ended up buying, she understood before we did that it was a place we would really like (she was absolutely right), which was important given the fast pace of the Spring 2013 market.

“There were moments when the search seemed hopeless in this market, especially after we were massively outbid a couple of times, but Susan was always there to cheer us on, and to let us know that she’d be in it for the entire process, no matter how long it would take.

“Susan was always completely professional and ethical – when there was even a slight hint of a conflict with another client, she quickly let both sides know that another broker will be working with us, and that there was a potential conflict. She was also very clear and helpful as to the legal and ethical aspects of the broker-client relationship and of the entire process. We could always be confident that she was there for us 100% of the time and that she put her best effort into her work, and that her best was very good indeed.

“For us, the result speaks for itself – we ended up purchasing a house we are very excited about in a good location, during a difficult market, and we walked into the purchase well prepared. We have Susan to thank for that. She was a pleasure to work with and did a superb job representing us. We recommend her whole-heartedly.”

-- Albion L. and Grace L., January 2014

“I am writing to thank you for all your efforts with the successful sale of my condo at 60 Babcock St. and to offer a sincere testimonial for all of your work.

“I was fortunate enough to have Susan Lee as my seller’s agent for the sale of my condominium. Her expertise in positioning a unit for sale is unparalleled. Every step of the way, Susan’s recommendations for pricing, marketing, staging, and general strategy, were right on the mark. She was able to advise us in making the right investments to show our unit in the best light.

“We wanted to have a quick sale and closing, and Susan was absolutely tireless in making that come to fruition. She was extremely efficient in putting together offers and then again, offered great advice in terms of sifting through the offers. During the closing process, Susan was an extremely strong advocate for us and was incredibly detailed in making sure all the necessary parts (certifications, agreements, etc.) were in place on a very tight timetable.

“I’m pretty sure we would not have had such a successful sale without working with Susan. Her work ethic is second to none and every piece of advice came true. She is a pleasure to work with – so personable, yet at the same time demanding on our behalf. The proof in the pudding is that my own personal attorney put her in his own Rolodex to work with her in the future – that’s how impressed he was with her work!

“We are very impressed with Susan and would enthusiastically recommend her to anyone. Her track record speaks for itself.”

-- Eugene K., September, 2013